Activist Investing For All Investors

You can make money on activist investments and we will teach you how. The media is all over activist investors, but the coverage is not actionable for individual investors. Obsessed with the returns of activist investors, The Alternative Activist built a database that measures activist performance and the financial profiles of thousands of targeted companies. An investing strategy developed that appeals to investors and speculators alike.

Activist investor 13D filings are evaluated through a financial snapshot of the targeted business and activist-specific information. That information plus a company and industry crash course are used to determine whether to invest or not. Alt Activist’s research has led to enviable returns through investments in the companies below.


Read Below To Invest or Not…That’s Your Alternative.

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Is Aerohive (HIVE) an undervalued acquisition candidate?

HIVE has been beaten up since its March 2014 IPO and the situation is now heightened as activist investor and orphaned public company savage Discovery Group filed a 13D on June 19, 2015 and has continued to buy, making HIVE a top 5 all-time investment.

Pixelworks (PXLW): The Short Continuum

Pixelworks has now been shorted three times for big gains. Find out why its the gift that keeps on giving. 

Becker Drapkin – PRGX Global (PRGX)

Becker Drapkin looks to recoup losses as PRGX’s longtime underperformance earns the attention of yet another activist investor.

Red Mountain Capital – iRobot (IRBT)

Red Mountain calls out logical activist target and sleepy cash-hoarder iRobot to divest non-core assets.  

Osmium Partners – Intersections (INTX)

Osmium has investors hopeful for a turnaround as Intersections’ legacy business continues to drag down the stock. 

Privet Fund – Norsat (TSX:NII)

Privet Fund looks to continue its impressive record with micro-caps and has uncovered another gem. 

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